Various Electroplating Processes for  commercial and military applications:


· Electroless Nickel

· Anodizing

· Nickel Sulphamate

· Electrolytic Nickel

· Copper

· Silver

· Tin

· Gold


Technology & Services

Various Electroplating on different base materials:


· Aluminum Alloy, Al Die Casting

· Copper, Brass…

· Nickel Alloy, Kavor, Alloy 42,          Alloy 52...

· Molybdenum, Copper Molybdenum…

· Copper Tungsten Alloy



Professional Electroplating for Engineering and Functional Applications

Precistech Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

Precistech also supplies precision metal piece parts for Electronics and Semiconductors Industries that provides one-stop purchasing process to our customers together with our professional surface treatment processes.

Various Plating on Semiconductor Products

Electroless Nickel Plated Motocycle Parts

Functional/Decorative Anodizing Products